Buyer's Inspection | Pre-Purchase Inspection
Your home purchase will undoubtedly be one of the largest investments of your life. At first look the home may appear to be in great condition. However, there may be a number of unobserved defects, or safety hazards. Plus there might be major household items which are near the end of their life span, items such as the roof, water heater, air conditioner, or heater. Even though home sellers are required to disclose information about their house up front, in a disclosure form, their memory may fail, or most likely, they simply do not know about the deficiencies (issues) that might exist in their very own home.

Seller's Inspection | Listing Inspection
One of the main reasons a home sale transaction can fall apart, is the inspection, or in the seller's case, lack of an inspection. A seller's report is not meant to replace buyer's inspections. It's to uncover defects in advance so that the buyer's inspections don't become deal-breakers. Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. Includes a free So You're Selling Your Home CD

Move In Certified Inspection
Move In Certified inspections are very similar to a listing inspection, but it takes it up a notch. The inspector does a re-inspect of any items that were repaired. MoveInCertified homes have been pre-inspected by member inspectors and the sellers confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards. Includes a free So You're Selling YOur Home CD.
The inspection reports are hosted on
Ask the listing agent or seller for access to view. Please read recent Los Angeles Times article about seller inspections.

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