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Real Estate Pros

Its always a major concern to the Real Estate Professional: What inspector can I refer to my clients?

That’s an easy question to answer – a Pro-Sight Property Inspections member inspector of course. Member inspectors are trained and educated, please feel free to ask our members for a copy of their insurance. All have made a substantial monetary, and time investment into their business. Professional member Inspectors, along with Pro-Sight’s superior proprietary inspection report, can make your job easier, and enhance your clients view of your professionalism.

The report has two summary sections, one for minor items, and a second for items that need repair, or replacement. This report was designed with the help of Real Estate Professionals. We asked agents – what would you like to see in an inspection report? As always, the inspection report is the permanent record of the home inspection. Your client will spend $300.00 to $800.00+ for their home inspection. And even more for a commercial inspection, so it is definitely in both your interests, to refer a Pro-Sight Member inspector.

Please utilize this website to find your perfect inspector.